HEPA Environmental Services, Inc.

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You should know a little about how we started before we show up to handle such an important and sensitive issue for you.

My name is Rick Kuhlman and in 2004 I had two kids, a wife, bills to pay, and I had just lost my job. Needless to say I was a little nervous, but I remembered a guy I used to work with, Vince DeLuca, who said to give him a call if I ever lost my job. I gave him a call right away and he said “let’s have lunch”. At lunch I met two more guys, Bill DeLuca and Lee Good. Bill was enjoying retirement and Lee was running his own successful engineering business. Vince’s background was in mechanical engineering and he had built manufacturing facilities around the world. My degree is in Oceanography and with little call for that in Ohio I focused on Environmental work. I had been working in the environmental contracting business running hazmat jobs and eventually was promoted to Vice President of an environmental company specializing in asbestos abatement.

We combined our efforts and our idea was simple; we were going to start an asbestos abatement company that was fair, honest, and gave great customer service. We would grow conservatively and always keep our eyes on the ball. It worked! Our promise is: “Making commitments and keeping them!”

Now ten years later I have bought out my partners and I am the sole owner. I still talk to the partners at least once a month and I cannot thank them enough for their mentoring and wisdom. I am very pleased with our progress and we have a plan for the next ten years. I believe we are successful because we are different. We will always treat our customers with the respect that they deserve. We will be an honest and determined team that is never too busy to listen to you or share a laugh.

What I am saying is that “true customer service” is dying in America and some companies think that customers just want the cheapest price. I don’t. I will continue with the original plan and that is: building relationships where customers get what they want (Great Service).

Ten years ago we signed our first client and that client is still with us today. Relationships like that just don’t work unless there is trust and dedication to customer service. Give us a call and experience the difference today!

Thanks for the work,

Rick Kuhlman, President
HEPA Environmental Services, Inc.