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Asbestos Abatement

Many people have asked the questions; "I thought asbestos was outlawed or banned?  You mean there is still asbestos in buildings?"

The answer to both is absolutely YES.  It is still being imported into the U.S. today.

You may have asbestos in your facility or home and not even know it.  

There are many solutions for facility managers and homeowners and each situation can be different.  So, if you think you have an asbestos question the best thing to do is ask it! Click Here

We can handle your asbestos job no matter how big or small.  Call us at 1-866-366-1896 "We Clean Things Up!" 

  • All of our employees are trained by a third party training provider approved by the State of Ohio.   They are all licensed as asbestos hazard abatement workers or specialists by the State of Ohio.

  • Our company uses documented work practices and safety procedures.

  • We provide complete documentation including notifications, air monitoring, waste manifests and daily work reports.  So when we are done we can hand you the important paperwork that will reduce future liability.