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Waste Removal

It is difficult to describe Industrial Services because the projects can be so varied. HEPA Environmental Services, Inc. has helped many facilities with waste removal from pits, tanks, rafters or even complete facility clean up.

Experience has taught us that one of the most important issues to be addressed for a cleaning project is:

How clean is clean?

On one project, HEPA was required to remove lead from a shooting range to a level below 50 micrograms per centimeter.

HEPA has removed lead paint, stabilized lead paint, disposed of contaminated filter media and associated conveying systems. Another project required basic bulk cleaning to meet an insurance inspector's concern over dust accumulation in the building trusses.

Another facility required the disposal of one million gallons of contaminated water. HEPA Environmental Services, Inc. built a small treatment system, obtained a discharge permit, and worked around the clock to remove the water.

It's our motto "We Clean Things Up!" From molasses to hazardous waste and everything in between, we get it done!