Asbestos Abatement

HEPA Environmental Services safely removes asbestos from homes and buildings.

Many people ask, “I thought asbestos was outlawed or banned. You mean there’s still asbestos in buildings?”

YES, asbestos is still in buildings, and it is still being imported into the U.S. even today!

You may have asbestos in your facility or home and not even know it.
There are many solutions for facility managers and homeowners, and each situation can be different. So if you have questions about asbestos, call us at (330) 818-0188 or visit our FAQ page.

We can handle your asbestos job, no matter how big or small.
● All of our employees are professionally trained and licensed in accordance with local and federal EPA regulations.
● Our company uses industry-standard and OSHA-compliant work practices and safety procedures.
● We provide you with complete documentation of work completed, including: EPA notifications, air monitoring, waste manifests, and daily work reports.