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We remove asbestos, mold, lead, and hazardous waste from commercial properties.


We say it throughout our company website but what does it mean to make a commitment and keep it. It means we make a promise to you about (when and where we will show up, how the work will be performed, then we do it) and we take great pride in meeting or exceeding your expectations. That commitment is so important to us that we evaluate our business, employees, and our subcontractors on how well we make and keep our commitments. Every employee knows how vital the commitment is to us and you should demand that of all your contractors.

Environmental Regulations

The regulations are not always clear but with our experience and our close working relationship with the regulators we can find the best possible solution to your problem. Rules are rules (We hate that saying) so we dig deep to understand exactly what we can do to help you. We have no cookie cutter solution, each project is designed for your needs. Let’s face it, we have to follow the law but we must find a way to minimize the impact on your business and its finances. Tell us your story and we will find a solution!

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"Making commitments and keeping them!"

Rick Kuhlman, I want to thank you for the excellent service that you have provided on projects at Kent State University. Over the last five years beginning in 2010 you have been extremely responsive and able to accommodate short notices. You have provided flexibility in working during “off” hours at reasonable rates. The added benefit of having you personally handle all of our needs has been an asset and we very much appreciate being able to count on you and your staff for our abatement needs. Thank you! -Jerry, Kent State University

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