HEPA Environmental Services, Inc.

5130 Tallmadge Rd. Rootstown, OH 44272
Phone/Fax 330.818.0188
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We remove vermiculite from your attic! 

We have been removing asbestos for over 11 years and now we have found the safest, most efficient, and cleanest vermiculite removal system made today!  We call it:

Our system is designed to vacuum the material through a sealed hose out an attic vent or window to an enclosed trailer safely parked in your driveway.  The old way of removal required the workers to scoop up, double bag, and carry it by hand through your house. Sometimes that was hundreds of bags.

But call us and you get a vermiculite eating machine!  

Want a cleaner, safer job?

Call HEPA Environmental Services, Inc. at 330.818.0188 
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